Mama Mocha's Coffee Emporium


sarah barnett gill

matriarch, owner, roaster, barista, mafia head

Taylor Gill

Chief Production Officer, Local Supply Delivery, Recycling Specialist, Coffee Deliveries, HandyMan, Bouncer (husband of Mama Mocha)

joey femanazi falcon

roaster, barista, barista psychologist, bar dancing queen, iced chemex pro, latte art for dayzzz, will ask a million questions, pokemon trainer 

holly daniel

barista, bar manager, general badass, bouncer, mother of Izzie - the phenomenal gymnast, dancer and sweet heart-

Kristin O'Kain

Barista, Owns the best T Shirts Ever, laughs and is happy at all times, slender and hella strong

Courtney Huckaby

Barista, festival expert, dread locks, partner bakes bread, gangster, loves to dance, holistic forever

Trevi Duncan

Assistant Manager, Barista, Miss America, Miss Universe, Keeper of all things real, Defender of all under dogs, high schooler customer angst psychologist/control, Cleaner than you and can clean better than anyone on earth, Speaking the T and looking better than you and me. 

Emily Iacovino

Barista, has cutest lunchboxes you've ever seen, great style, mama of Woody the pup, best laugh ever

Ashtan Sealy

Barista, Future Baker, Roaster, Sassy, Tall, Cheese Ball, takes no shit 

Hope Ahrens

Barista, Roaster, Beer Brewer, Truth Speaker, Fearless