Mama Mocha's Coffee Emporium


sarah barnett gill

matriarch, owner, roaster, barista, mafia head

Taylor Gill

Chief Production Officer, Local Supply Delivery,Coffee Deliveries, HandyMan, Bouncer (husband of Mama Mocha)

Ashtan Sealy

Baker, Barista, lover of donuts, big dreams

 Kylen King

Manager, Barista, Puns for daze, red head, eats a dozen eggs every day, boy scout at heart, would hurt no one unless absolutely necessary 

Kat Mckenna

Manager, Barista, Lover of music and vibes, theater graduate, alabama gypsy style guru

Sydney Brown

Barista, weight lifter, CONTINUOUSLY cheerful and precious, eloquent and incredibly smart

Phoukhanh Songvillay

Barista, handyman, auburn Native, constantly striving toward better latte art, loves D & D on Sundays with Fam

Richard Trammell  Jr

Barista, Alabama native, lover of theatre, free spirit, going places, GREAT SOUL VOCALS while making your espresso drink 

Jessica McGuire

Barista, Mama of 3, OG in the high volume coffee industry, Michigan native, hardest working hustler on the block, knowledgable about hood snacks, going places

John Perkins

Packaging, deliveries, Demolition specialist, degree in cattle studies, farm native, Good ole boy minus racism and misogyny, always willing to help anyone, 2015 customer of the year

Sarah Scott

Packaging, Roaster, Painter, Mama of 1, New Zealand Native, positivity specialist, barefoot runner

Andrese Harris Burton

Packaging, Roaster, VIBES FOR DAYSSSS, Veteran, Philly Native, asks the right questions to get fast results, can out dance you 8 days a week