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Costa Rica Natural Cafinter San Luis Sabanilla 1500 meters

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Image of Costa Rica Natural Cafinter San Luis Sabanilla 1500 meters

American Roast 405'F
1500 meters
Honey Natural
Yellow and Red Catuai and Caturra Varietels
Fruity, Juicy, Vibrant. This coffee is lively and sparkling, a delight to any refined palate. Beautiful in a pour over or full immersion extraction.

This coffee is a first for Cafinter. Due to the minimum volume required from each farm to justify the processing at a third party micromill, they had to turn away farms of great quality coffee because they didn’t meet the volume requirements. To get around this, they decided to open up two of their best, neighboring receiving stations to the microlot program; Recibidor San Luis de Grecia and Recibidor Sabanilla Arriba de Sarchi.

Collected from 9 different producers from two regions, San Luis and Sabanilla. From San Luis we have, Allan Rodriguez Vega, Annia Maria Murillo Espinosa, Luis Antonio Murillo Barrantes, Hernan Mauricio Rodriguez Oviedo, Yenore Salazar Acosta, and Omar Alfaro. From Sabanilla there is, Juan Urias Barrantes, Oscar Duran, and Familia de Juan Diego Araya.